Bridge over water


The Mason County Clean Water District Advisory Committee is a group of citizens, governmental organizations, businesses and non-profits established by the Mason County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC), via Resolution number 2021-052, in order to advise on issues related to water quality within the designated district boundaries.  The Committee will work towards the following objectives:

  • Provide coordination between multiple governmental jurisdictions, including Tribes, public and private groups that share an interest in sound environmental management of the water resources of Mason County.
  • Provide recommendations to the BOCC and Mason County Public Health and Human Services (MCPH) on use of any collected parcel fees.
  • Provide technical guidance to the BOCC and MCPH in the development of ordinances, policies, procedures, programs, and priorities that will protect the public health, preserve water quality, protect Tribal Treaty Rights of access to clean fish and shellfish, and be consistent with state and local regulatory mandates.
  • Provide perspective for the BOCC and MPCH to assure that surface water quality ordinances, policies, procedures and priorities are practical, understandable and functional.
  • Provide the public opportunities to learn and participate in various programs and projects related to surface water quality.