The Elections Department administers all elections for Mason County’s 44,000+ registered voters, including those for federal and state offices. As part of election administration, we register voters, maintain voter registration records, manage candidate filing for local offices, create and send the proper ballot for each voter, verify signatures on returned ballots and on election night tabulate ballots and release election results.

For each of these processes, we have strict security standards set by law or state rule. Our office is committed to the security and integrity of the election process.

Steve Duenkel – Auditor

Elections Team

Marie Stevenson, Election Superintendent
Marie has served in the Auditors office for 17 years and became the Elections Superintendent in 2021.

Susan Blankenship, Assistant Election Administrator
Susan has 20 years of experience in elections and is our resident voter registration and candidate-filing expert. She is a Certified Election Administrator.

Kailey Chappell, Election Technician
Kailey joined the Elections team in August 2021. With over 4 years of experience in compliance she is a great addition to the team.