During regular Commission meetings, there are numerous set times for the public to participate and share their comments, concerns, and questions. Please make sure to wait to be recognized by the Chair when wishing to provide comments and testimony.

OPEN FORUM FOR CITIZEN INPUT – during this time the public is invited to discuss or share their comment on any item not on the current agenda.

APPROVAL OF ACTION AGENDA – if a member of the public wishes to remove an item or has a question about an item on the agenda, they may do so at this time.

PUBLIC HEARINGS & ITEMS SET FOR A CERTAIN TIME – questions and testimony is highly encouraged to be shared.

Public Participation – How to Testify Effectively

BE BRIEF – you have up to three (3) minutes to give your comment or testimony. Please organize your thoughts and make sure you focus on your most important points. If your testimony is longer than the given three (3) minutes, concentrate on the highlights and provide a copy of the fully written statement to the Clerk of the Board.

BE UNIQUE – share how the issue affects you, your family, your business, or your neighborhood. The more personal, the better.

BE RESPECTFUL – remember that others can and will disagree with your perspective. Personal attacks on the Commissioners, presenters, or other speakers will not be tolerated.

PROVIDE COPIES – if you have written testimony, please bring or email copies to share with the Commissioners and news media to the Clerk of the Board.

FOCUS ON THE ISSUE AT HAND – remember, there is only up to three (3) minutes to speak. The subject may relate to other issues, but the Commissioners want to hear the issue before them right now.

RELAX – not everyone is used to public speaking, and that’s okay! Try to relax, be natural. We genuinely want to hear what you have to say.

Please send comments, questions, and testimonies to McKenzie Smith, Clerk of the Board, at msmith@masoncountywa.gov.