About the Project

This project would connect the Evergreen Estates Mobile Home\ park with city water and allow the retiring of the two wells that currently supply the park. Water lines would be extended from Shelton Springs Road into the park, replacing the existing plumbing which has deteriorated over time.

Why is this project necessary?

Evergreen Estates is a low-income mobile home park. The septic system has been in disrepair. Combined with shallow, gravely soils, this has created a condition where the water supply used by the park has the highest nitrate levels in the county. Nitrate is a potential health hazard. Drinking water that has high levels of nitrate can cause health effects such as Methemoglobinemia or "blue baby syndrome," which results from nitrate decreasing the blood's capacity to carry oxygen, especially in infants who receive baby formula mixed with water containing nitrate above 10 mg/L. This has become an increasing concern for public health.

Connecting the park with city serviced water would alleviate the nitrate contamination issue and provide for a clean, consistent water supply for one of the most economically stressed neighborhoods in the county.

Where is the proposed project area?

The project area is located along E Shelton Springs Rd and E Blevins Rd N in Shelton, WA. Nine parcels are included in the benefit area, including Evergreen Estates Mobile Home Park and Hidden Haven Mobile Home Park. This area is located within the Shelton Urban Growth Area (UGA), please see the Vicinity Map (below).

What is an Urban Growth Area (UGA)?

UGAs are areas where growth and higher densities are expected and that can be supported by urban services. By directing growth into urban areas, counties and cities can also protect critical areas, conserve their natural resource lands—such as farms and forests—and maintain the rural character of their rural lands.

Vicinity Map

Shelton UGA Vicinity Map