These permits are not issued in Urban growth Areas (UGA) of Allyn, Belfair and Shelton.

A written permit is required for land clearing and burning.
These permits may be applied for at the Mason County Permit Center.
The cost for land clearing is $160.50 for a 30 day permit.

Once the permit application has been processed, a site inspection is required by the the Mason County Fire Warden. You must call for the inspection when the site is ready. If the site meets all the required conditions, the Fire Warden shall issue the permit and burning may begin.

Materials to be burned shall not be moved from one site to another.
All materials must originate from the property on which the burning is to occur.

The fire must not create a nuisance from smoke, obscure visibility on public roads and highways, or endanger life and property.

Maximum pile size is twenty (20) feet in diameter plus a minimum fire break of ten (10) feet must be constructed around each pile.

Each pile shall be a minimum of one hundred (100) feet from any structure and fifty (50) feet from any brush, trees, or standing timber.
(as measured out from the edge of the pile in all directions)

A water pump truck/trailer with a minimum of 300 gallons of water may be required to be on site while burning. This is mandatory during fire season: April 15 - October 15.

All equipment (excavator and/or dozer) and tools used on site shall be operated by a qualified person.

A fan may be required to aid combustion in starting the fire.

No fire is to be commenced before dawn and no material to be added after dusk.

A person and equipment capable of controlling and extinguishing the fire shall be in constant attendance at the site while burning.
The person shall not leave the site until the fire is dead out and dug and drowned down to mineral earth.

“UGA’s” are areas where residential or land clearing fires are not allowed (burn permits cannot be issued) because of the population density and the public health impact of smoke from large fires. Recreational cooking fires are allowed in UGA’s - NO CLEAN-UP FIRES.