The Voluntary Stewardship Program “VSP” adopted under Washington’s Growth Management Act (RCW 36.70A.700) provides an alternative approach for counties to address the State’s critical areas requirements. The program uses a stewardship planning process, and relies on best management practices for protecting critical areas and promoting viable agriculture. As a result, there may be opportunities now under these new laws to improve agricultural viability in areas where critical areas occur.

Mason County’s VSP is administered by the Mason Conservation District to provide technical assistance and implement the program. District staff can, if requested, perform a site visit and make recommendations for management practices to maintain or improve the long-term viability of agricultural activities occurring in critical areas. As a non-regulatory agency, the District provides confidential counsel to landowners without the risk of regulation. More information on the Voluntary Stewardship Program is available on the District’s Website. The District has prepared an on-line survey to help landowners determine if their property has critical areas, if their activities meet the definition of agricultural, and what, if any, types of management practices they would be interested in.

  • 07/20/2021 - News Release - Voluntary Stewardship Program Watershed Work Group - Mason County is seeking applications for the Voluntary Stewardship Program (VSP) Watershed Work Group. Established under the Growth Management Act, VSP is a non-regulatory, voluntary approach to protecting critical areas where agricultural activities are occurring. This program is implemented through a Work Plan approved by the Washington State Conservation Commission.
  • VSP Work Group Application form

For more information:
Barbara Adkins, Program Manager
450 W Business Park Road
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