The Solid Waste Program is responsible for enforcing the state and county regulations as they apply to solid waste. The primary codes covering solid waste handling are the Washington State Administrative Code (WAC) 173-350 and The Mason County Code, Title 6 Sanitary code section 6.72. The primary purpose of the program is to control disposal of materials which may negatively impact the environment.

The program offers a number of services to the residents of Mason County. 

Here are some examples for enforcement in a neighborhood, where a complaint may be turned in to staff for investigation and follow through to insure that waste is properly disposed of.

  • Your neighbor has household garbage accumulated in bags on the ground or in the bed of a pickup truck.
  • Your neighbor is burning their garbage or other trash.
  • You are walking in the woods and observe illegally dumped garbage.
  • You observe a residence that has hulk vehicles or piles of other metal and junk.

To make a report or file a complaint please call the County number (360) 427-9670 and dial extension 584