Local Health Officer:

The primary roles of the local Health Officer are to identify and evaluate health risks, respond appropriately to the risk, and effectively communicate this information to the community.  Coupled with the monitoring of health issues and information, he or she also has experience and authority in managing public health emergencies and disaster preparedness.  The Health Officer is a physician with specialized training in Public Health and is appointed by the local Board of Health to provide public health leadership for the entire community.  All health department employees derive their authority from the Health Officer.  He or she helps to keep the Board of Health informed about health issues relevant to the jurisdiction and provides advice on public health policy.  The Health Officer also serves as a consultant to other individuals and agencies impacted by health issues and management.  Such agencies include physicians, hospitals, schools, and environmental health agencies and other organizations.  Very importantly though, the Health Officer is the visible, medical authority for the community and helps keep the general public informed about health risks and management.  With the knowledge and guidance of the Health Officer, preservation, promotion and improvement of health can take place for the community of Mason County.