Before digging, to avoid damage or injury, contact the Underground Location Center, phone 1-800-424-5555 at least 2 business days ahead.  There is no charge for this service.    There is no charge for this service.  The Utility Notification Center is open 24 hours a day, every day, and accepts calls from contractors, homeowners, or anyone planning to dig in Washington.  Calling before you dig ensures that any publicly owned underground facilities will be marked so that you can dig safely. However, the utilities will only mark the lines up to their own meters. Underground lines beyond the meter or service entrance belong to the property owner, and are that person's responsibility. For more information:

APWA Color Codes:

RED             Electric Power lines, cables or conduits, and lighting cables.
YELLOW:   Gas, oil, steam, petroleum or other hazardous liquid or gaseous materials.
ORANGE    Communications, cable TV, alarm or signal lines, cables, or conduits.
BLUE          Water, irrigation, and slurry lines.
GREEN       Sewers, storm sewer facilities, or other drains lines.
WHITE        Proposed excavation
PINK           Temporary survey marking