Mason County no longer maintains Small Public Works, Consultant and Vendor Rosters separate from those provided by MRSC.

County Vendor, Small Works & Consultant Rosters

Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC) Rosters is a shared statewide vendor, small public works and consultant roster service used by Washington local public agencies, including Mason County, as a shared website database public agency members use their own individual agency small public works roster, consultant and vendor roster, hosted within the database.
MRSC Rosters is a convenient and cost-effective way for marketing services to Agencies statewide through only one registration process.
Per reporting requirement of RCW 39.04.200 the following is a listing of contracts awarded using the small public works roster and vendor roster process. Any questions please contact the Public Works Department (360) 427-9670, Ext. 450.

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Operated by the not-for-profit Municipal Research & Services Center of Washington (MRSC), the MRSC Rosters is a fee-based service for all participants charged annually; however Contractors, Consultants and Vendors do have a free option to register for individual Agency rosters.