The coroner has jurisdiction for decedents who are not immediately claimed by relatives or friends.

Once the coroner assumes jurisdiction for an unclaimed decedent, the decedent is transported to a local funeral home. The coroner attempts to locate anyone who has a legal right to claim the decedent. If a legal claimant cannot be found, the coroner then signs an authorization for the decedent to be cremated. Cremated remains are held by the coroner and then buried in the Shelton Cemetery.

Unclaimed Cremated Remains

The coroner currently holds the cremated remains of the following unclaimed decedents:

Last Name First Name MI Date of Death Date of Birth Location of Cremated Remains
Bennett Agnes C 2/20/2010 Coroner
Berfield Lowell 5/7/1998 10/13/1946 Shelton Cemetery
Bunce Stanley G 12/17/2017 1/25/1950 Coroner
Clark Jerry   3/15/2004 7/2/1944 Shelton Cemetery
Cochran Ford   10/29/2000 6/26/1931 Shelton Cemetery
Cowan Donald L. 10/16/2013 8/22/1943 McComb Wagner Funeral Home
Dailey Ronald   2/6/2015 2/4/1929 Coroner
Davis Virginia K 10/1/1999 7/4/1912 Shelton Cemetery
Donnatelli Charles William 3/23/1986 11/17/1966 Shelton Cemetery
Drew Marcus A 1/1/2013 8/27/1956 Coroner
Fenstermaker Susan Arlene 8/12/2010 4/5/1948 Coroner
Golden Ricky Lee 7/5/2019 8/16/1965 Coroner
Harning Arthur   2/17/2001 12/2/1916 Shelton Cemetery
Johnson Dale Gilbert 6/24/2005 11/1/1934 Shelton Cemetery
Joseph Patrick E 3/6/2014 12/11/1967 Coroner
Kooyman Richard A 11/10/2003 3/14/1929 Shelton Cemetery
Lepage Michael Joseph 7/2/2012 7/13/1966 Coroner
Lester David T 8/10/2010 9/28/1948 Coroner
Malone Kevin Brian 10/08/2019 9/2/1957 Coroner
Mehawk Kenneth   1/10/2001 3/20/1945 Shelton Cemetery
Mitchell David Lewis 5/17/2015 6/15/1957 Coroner
Napper Stephen       Shelton Cemetery
Roe John       Shelton Cemetery
Santis-Lopez Victor   3/19/2003 10/24/1973 Shelton Cemetery
Stanley Earl Richard 11/16/2001 5/23/1941 Shelton Cemetery
Stock Nellie B 12/26/1996 9/6/1908 Shelton Cemetery
Thompson Thomas   7/26/2000 3/28/1962 Shelton Cemetery

Unclaimed cremated remains may be claimed by relatives, friends, or organizations. Please contact the coroner at 360-427-9670, ext 752, or by email for further information.